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If you ever get to go to dinner with Todd Nickey don’t plan on making it a fast one. There is never a shortage of things to talk about and laughs to be had when you get to spend time with him. Todd owns one of my favorite home shops in Los Angeles, it is filled with the most beautiful object and furniture and if you ever get a gift from me, it almost certainly came from his shop. He has the most eclectic, fun style, and his house is filled with bright colors, textures, and interesting objects. Oh and don’t forget all his chickens and dogs. I hope you enjoy getting to know Todd Nickey as much as I have.


Todd Nickey
What do you do for work/profession?
Interior Decorator/ Shop owner of Nickey Kehoe
Favorite recipe?
Maryland shrimp boil from my friend Jen’s dad- or Georgia Okeefe’s meatloaf
Favorite kitchen tip?
Stay away from the mandolin if you want to keep fingerprints
Favorite Restaurant
Il Buco- NYC
Salty or sweet?
Coffee or tea?
Tough one… coffee with a gun to my head
Favorite dish?
Oh Lord… I might have to say a grilled lobster… or shrimp boil…
Favorite vacation?
Fantasy- Kicking around Italy with no agenda
A place you would love to travel to?
Next up- Sicily and Kyoto
Favorite home object?
Currently- New Rose and Dahlia beds
Fav beauty product?
Swifter…haha- A really good exfoliating scrub
Fav kitchen utensil?
Wooden mallet that belonged to my husband’s grandmother
Fav snack?
Anchovy and capers on a sourdough cracker
Self care tip?
A brisk walk in nature always opens your mind
One thing you can’t live without?
Cologne or cheese
How do you stay active?
I own a business…
3 things you can’t live without in your kitchen?
Cast iron skillet, my favorite wooden spoon, immersion blender
Your favorite quality of yourself?
I’m thoughtful
Fav cozy spot to hang?
What do you do for fun?
Raise chickens, garden, play tennis, travel
What accomplishment are you most proud of?
Nickey Kehoe
Tell us about a kitchen nightmare
Let’s just say it was the introduction of the dish “floor meat” in our household
What’s your favorite cooking show?
Barefoot Contessa
If you could cook for one person dead or alive who would it be?
Georgia Okeefe
You have to eat one meal for the rest of your life
Shrimp- boiled/ grilled/ fried… heaven
The most overrated dish

Macaroni and Cheese
Your go-to spice you season everything with
So trashy… but honestly, onion powder- I use it all the time
Your potluck go-to
Depends on where I’m going- deviled eggs or egg salad on toasts… eggs from chickens
Your favorite aisle in the grocery store?
Fish Monger
Guilty pleasure foods?
Nachos, banana split, shrimp fried rice