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Pamela Salzman
Manhattan Beach, California
What do you do for work/profession?
I’m a cooking instructor and cookbook author
Favorite recipe?
Impossible to pick one! I love the sweet and spicy herbed salmon from my book Quicker Than Quick, and the chocolate zucchini cake from my site, and I have made my Everyday Salad Dressing #2 weekly for 25 years.
Favorite kitchen tip?
Sharpen your knives.
Favorite Restaurant
So hard to pick! Gjelina in Venice or Bestia in DTLA, or Loring Place in NYC
Salty or sweet?
Sweet (with salt 😉 )
Coffee or tea?
Tea. I don’t make a move without matcha in the morning.
Favorite dish?
I love a whole roasted fish with lemon and really good olive oil.
Most memorable meal?
At my dad’s friend’s house in Amalfi – homegrown tomatoes and basil, homemade bread and cheese, local olive oil. SO simple but every ingredient was 10/10 and that made an impression on me.
Favorite vacation?
A place you would love to travel to?
Favorite home object?
Large quartz crystal
Fav beauty product?
This changes all the time but right now I am loving Saie tinted moisturizer
Fav kitchen utensil?
Miyabi birchwood handle chefs knife
Fav snack?
Apple and peanut butter with flaky salt
Self-care tip?
Don’t skimp on rituals that you enjoy, whether it’s a bath or meditation or putting on your makeup.
One thing you can’t live without?
My Breville frother (for making matcha lattes)
How do you stay active?
I do something I enjoy 6 days a week and I mix it up. I walk at the beach with a friend, yoga, work out at the gym, or when I have very little time I do the Scientific 7-minute Workout at home.
3 things you can’t live without in your kitchen?
Vitamix, Breville Sous Chef food processor, Staub 13-inch enameled cast iron skillet
Your favorite quality of yourself?
I am an optimist.
Fav cozy spot to hang?
Couch made by my friend Thomas Hayes in the family room
What do you do for fun?
Have my friends over for dinner!
What accomplishment are you most proud of?
My three children who are kind, curious, and independent.
Tell us about a kitchen nightmare
I left the garage refrigerator door open all night on Thanksgiving eve. OMG!!
What’s your favorite cooking show
Barefoot Contessa
If you could cook for one person dead or alive who would it be
My dad who passed away two years ago.
You have to eat one meal for the rest of your life
Grilled Copper River Salmon and all the vegetables
The most overrated dish
Anything with foam
Your go-to spice you season everything with
Crushed red pepper
Your potluck go to 
Some sort of salad depends on the season, but right now it’s my roasted vegetable salad
Your favorite aisle in the grocery store
Bulk bins
Guilty pleasure foods?
I don’t feel guilty about eating anything! But my favorite “occasional” food is ice cream. I eat dairy, non-dairy, but no fruit flavors.