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I’m so particular about how I eat a fried egg. I love them crispy on the bottom with a soft yolk. 

I always make my toast first. I love my Dualit toaster. People always tell me it takes a really long time to make toast, and for that reason, I make my toast before I start my egg…

I don’t use nonstick pans. I use a small All-Clad Pan. I like my eggs to fit in cozy; not a lot of extra room in the pan. 

I make sure the pan is nice at hot (but not smoking) before I add the oil. I don’t crack the eggs too high up as there is more of a chance that the yolk will crack; as opposed to cracking the egg closer to the pan. I always add the salt and pepper as soon as I put the eggs in the pan and keep the temperature on medium-high. Once the bottom of the egg is getting nice and crispy I gently tilt the pan to the side and begin to spoon the hot oil over the yolk to ensure it’s not soft but only a beautiful yolky center.



Sourdough toast


Olive oil


Salt and pepper

Chili flakes (optional) 



On medium-high, heat olive oil in a small pan and once the oil is hot, then you can add your egg. Crack the egg into the pan and season with salt and pepper. When the outside is crispy and cooked, tilt the pan slightly, and using a spoon, spoon on the hot oil onto the top of the egg. The heat from the oil will cook the yellow and the leftover white that’s not quite cooked to your liking. 

Serve over toast with butter.