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When I first started baking bread, I did what many of us tend to do: I purchased a pile of random contraptions and tools, most of which still to this day have never been used. We all go through this in one form or another until we properly curate our homes, buying things that aren’t right, or don’t fit, didn’t match, or simply do not belong. While looking around my home now, I can tell you, I have realized that in each instance, I have one single thing that I simply can not do without. The single pot I use the most, the knife I usually always reach for, the only bag I grab on my way to the market. But this isn’t just a place to find the next thing to buy — like breadscapades — it’s also a lesson in sustainability. Often, you don’t need ten pans, and 14 knives, and a baker’s dozen of baking tools. Often, you just need the absolute perfect tool in your arsenal, and it’s what you would swear by. So, these are a few of my favorite things…