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Leanne Citrone drinking tea


My mom’s favorite chocolate cake. If you walked into my kitchen and asked me to tell you my absolute favorite recipe, I would surely reply, “my mom’s favorite chocolate cake.” It’s a recipe that was passed down from my mother, and is served drunk and swimming in a decadent, molten brandy sauce. On another day, you might ask this question and get another answer as I begin walking you through how to make my famous chicken soup (it really is famous). This is not just your run-of-the-mill concoction with a few roughly chopped carrots and celery, but a recipe that has been perfected over four generations and probably should be guarded as a state secret. Other days, the answer might include a rich (perhaps meatless) shepherd’s pie; a simple chopped salad with a two-minute shallot vinaigrette drizzled on top; a fresh sourdough pizza, sometimes it might just be a cup of herbal tea. My answers are as fluid as that drunken decadent brandy sauce on my chocolate cake. That’s because there is no single recipe that I love most. There isn’t one that has ever been perfected. They are living, breathing experiments that change based on what’s in my pantry, what delights await at the farmer’s market that season, and possibly whatever I wake up deciding I want to cook. And they are all recipes that — as they evolve and are, actually, perfected — I share here on this website.

leanne citrone chicken noodle soup
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While I have been cooking since I was a toddler (my mother let those that helped in the kitchen lick the chocolate off the mixing spoon) it took me forty years and thousands of recipes to learn that cooking can be whatever you want it to be, or whatever is in the fridge. My recipes are meant to be either followed down to the exact ounce or with an “it’s fine” approach, of just eyeballing and tasting. I believe cooking should be fun, cooking should be simple and enjoyable and the only difficult moments should be deciding if you have room for one more piece of cake, and perhaps who does the dishes afterwards.

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As a mother of two teenagers and my adorable English bull terrier, Lottie, a wife of a fitness expert, an aunt to three impatient and picky little boys, and the kind of host who won’t let you leave her house without eating something — even if you just stopped by for the briefest of moments — My recipes are the perfect guides to cooking the perfect meals. My kids and husband can open the fridge and say there’s nothing to eat; I can open the fridge and see a world of possibilities. This website, which operates with that same ethos, will show how to see a world of possibilities in your own kitchen — and how not to be afraid to make your favorite dish. Additionally, you will find some of my favorite tools and trinkets from my home and garden, and lifestyle and beauty regimens.

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